A touch of anxiety, a hint of curiosity, a dash of excitement but more than anything else, you have a subsequent feeling that you don’t want that moment to end. These arrays of emotions come from various things, but we are of course talking about the effects of a social or romantic appointment, in a location that is surreal. We here at Bangkok Redefined & Shambhala Realty would like to provide you with insight on a few places we feel that you and your companion or companions may like to be acquainted with.

  1. Banyan Tree Rooftop (Vertigo)

Vertigo offers an invigorating dining & drinking experience aloft a contemporary rooftop terrace. On the terrace you will have a splendid view of the glistening cityscape of Bangkok, and a grill and bar experience that is most unique. Vertigo is the perfect place for a specially planned evening for you and your partner, or companions.

  1. Lebua State Tower

The Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower is more than just a rooftop bar in Bangkok. It is an exciting and thrilling holiday experience in itself. The striking atmosphere and spectacular views have made it a highlight of Bangkok’s night life, not to mention its globally recognized award-winning restaurants, which will have your taste buds in awe.

  1. Chao Phraya River Cruise

Now this is your chance to get really romantic. Arrange a cruise trip for you and your significant other and experience something bizarre. Enjoy great food, whilst relishing in an even greater atmosphere. Additionally, the scenic view you will witness will allow you to see Bangkok from a completely different angle. The excitement does not end there. If you feel like you’re up for an unforgettable moment, put on your dancing shoes and head to the dance floor.

  1. Nest Rooftop

The Nest Rooftop is perfect for you love birds out there that are looking for a place with a chilled and relaxing ambience. Thai and International cuisine, the Nest Rooftop is able to cater and service those with various tastes. The music is a mix of Jazz, soul, funk and Indi beats which helps to keep everything smooth, cool and laidback.

  1. Bang Krachao

For couples who like to spend their time together more actively, visiting Bang Krachao, a vast area of greenery across the Chao Phraya river may be the ideal getaway. The area is made of up of orchards and gardens, and due to strict local planning codes, there are no high rise building to disrupt the peaceful skyline.  Renting a bicycle and riding through the village is recommended by many who have visited Bang Krachao.

Written and edited by: Muksin Straker-Cook & the respected members of Bangkok Redefined.