Congratulation!! You’ve finally moved into your new home and everything is in its rightful place. As it happens you’ve suddenly become so caught up with the next steps after moving in and you’re time to maintain your home is limited. It’s obvious at this point that you’ll need a little help. We’ve taken the liberty to create a list of the top 5 apps you’ll need once you’ve moved into your new home. Please be informed that this is not a review on the application.

  1. Seekster For iOS / Seekster For Android

Seek and you shall find! Seekster is one of the most revolutionary apps according to feedback from users. The apps allows you to obtain maid and cleaning services in addition to various other services such as an AC handyman; crucial during Thai summer when temperatures average 28-29°C and Car washing. The application also assists in locating other services providers nearby. Services can also be paid for through the application. Seekster can be found on both Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. Servishero For iOS / Servishero For Android

Servishero is a very handy application to have if you are in Southeast Asia. The application allows users to search for and connect with service providers, compare prices and pay for services. Servishero has an extensive repository in terms of service provides, however the most common include cleaning services, Air-con services, plumbing, electrical services, renovations and interior design. The app also has a customer support function if you need further assistance. Servishero can be found on both Google Play and Apple store.

  1. Ayasan: Maid Service For iOS / Ayasan: Maid Service For Android

Asayan Maid Service provides users with quick connections to local service providers. The service providers included are maid services, errand running, nanny and child care services, which includes preparing meals, repair services and air-con services. Asayan can be found on Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. Food Panda For iOS / Food Panda For Android

Food glorious food! Kitchenware and utensils still packed just after moving? Can’t be asked to unpack and whip up a quick meal? Get your meal delivered to you while you organize your new home.

One of the biggest difficulties people face when moving from one place to another, especially abroad, is finding places that serve the food that suits their tastes and the prices their willing to pay. Food Panda helps remove this barrier by proving you with information on recommended restaurants near you in addition to their menus. What wins the cup is that it also allows you to order food that’s brought straight to your home, however there may be certain areas that have yet to have a delivery service, you will usually be notified via call. Food Panda can be found on both Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. ProperTee For iOS / ProperTee For Android

ProperTee is primarily an application for home-seekers and property owners, however there is also a function that allows you to connect with their customer service, who are more than happy to help those who've relocated to get in-touch with local service providers. Service providers you can seek include aircon repair, maid services, and pet-friendly restaurants and cafés. ProperTee can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.