An outstanding piece of advice when dealing in property here as a foreigner is to hire a good lawyer to oversee the buying process. This smart piece of advice goes together with our corporate belief that as a Real Estate company, we are as strong as the legal advisor team we collaborate with. Only through galvanizing a strong alliance in this sector, our clients can be most at ease knowing that all “T”s are crossed and “I”s dotted  in a reliable and speedy manner.

We want you, as the buyer, to be virtually hassle and worry free. Your only concern when deciding on your property should be how far the view from the balcony reaches and where to store your golf club collection.

A lawyer’s job in the transaction is to professionally review everything from the paperwork to the property, doing all the legwork and even keeping the money in trust, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. Great news is that the way the process is structured, the lawyer company is working for you as the property buyer.

Our legal company of choice being a prestigious and very well versed across the board is Bangkok Base/Antares Group. The Director in Legal Services, Khun Laksamon Dhamminch, L.L.M. specializes in Thailand property law, having more than fourteen years of experience as a licensed lawyer.

I have had the pleasure dealing with the company on a few occasions along the years, every time being impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by the team. Everything breaths quality, from the prime location and elegant outlook of the premises, to the straight forward and confident guidance, not to mention the great coffee served during the meetings, a touch the Managing Director himself will endorse.

It is indeed a wise investment to hire qualified help from the start, as a preventive measure designed to save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

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About the Author:

Sorin Gligore has more than a decade of experience in Sales and Entrepreneurship in South East Asia, has completed BA studies in Journalism and Social Studies and a MBA in Hospitality, currently co-owning Shambhala Realty Co., Ltd. in Bangkok