It is paramount that, as a property buyer, before engaging in the process to possess qualified knowledge on the subject. This article addresses the need for sound information, recommending an appropriate tool to aid the investment decision.

I remember vividly the time when I have met the tropical climate, falling in love with the warm weather, explosive sunsets, exhilarating food choices, all the making up of exotic cultures and all being available all year round. It was no turning back.

Along these years I have met countless people coming here either on business, visits or extended holidays, many –myself included- desiring to make it official by owning a piece of the dream, celebrating ones accomplishments.

Finding oneself on foreign territory thou, the ways of the land might seem daunting without sound information and qualified help. In my quest to sharpen my knowledge as to best help our clients achieve their property ownership goals, during a recent visit to a Bangkok property expo, I was fortunate to meet Mr. Rodney Waller. Besides his warm smile and a great presentation on his recently awarded Samui property development, I was pleased to be the recipient of a generous gift.

I walked out holding his 2012 signed edition of “Buying Property in Thailand”.  An “essential guide” I couldn’t put down for the next few days and a volume I keep on my desk now for future reference.

The information contained here will help you as a property buyer in Thai resort areas understand important issues when engaging in the purchasing process empowering you to deal with lawyers, real estate agents and developers.

Being structured into “8 Steps to success”, this “common sense guide” will save you precious time by having all the necessary information compiled all in one place. Its’ one hundred and twenty three chapters might seem plenty but it makes very easy to jump to and find the information needed most.

Look for a copy in the bookstore or better yet grab one off the internet. Click here to get the book 8 steps to Success – Buying Property in Thailand



About the Author:

Sorin Gligore has more than a decade of experience in Sales and Entrepreneurship in South East Asia, has completed BA studies in Journalism and Social Studies and a MBA in Hospitality, currently co-owning Shambhala Realty Co., Ltd. in Bangkok