This post is dedicated to those individuals who have considered becoming pet owners in the near future. Current pet owners are welcome to share their experiences, however an assumption is being made that those who have had pets for some time, have already figured out the best living arrangements for themselves and their trusted companion or companions.

Before I continue, I wish to quickly clarify the differences between apartments and condos. This is important because it’ll save you time when looking for a pet friendly complex, but also because it will give you an ante the next time an owner of a Condo-unit says that they don’t allow pets.

A Condo is a building, or complex of buildings containing a number of “individually” owned apartments or houses. An apartment is a building or a complex that is owned by a group of individuals or a specific shareholder. Generally if an apartment’s policy does not allow pets, the rule applies to the entire complex. However in the case of a Condo, since different individuals own the units it is up to the respected owner, to allow or disallow the housing of pets in their unit. This is where that ante mentioned earlier comes of use. Considering that you choose to stay in a Condo, simply put; “if one owner says they don’t allow pets in their unit, you can find an owner who does”.  Please keep in mind that different owners may allow some species and sizes of pets but not others, so you may need to put some time into contacting a few owners. It’s advised to get assistance from a real estate agency, when trying to negotiate the freedoms and limitations of  Condo units, as “decreed” by owners, since communication may be  prone to misinterpretation at this phase. A real estate agency that I would recommend is Shambhala Realty Co, Ltd; they are currently the only real estate agency that provides assistance regarding pet friendly housing, and are renowned experts in the matter.


As a token of good will from us at Bangkok Redefined to our fellow pet lovers, we give you the 5 Best Pet Friendly Condos and Businesses In Sukhumvit.


  1. Aguston

Aguston in Sukhumvit 22 is a condominium that is about 5 minutes from the Phrom Phong BTS station by car. The condominium is well known for its sophistication and grandeur. The condominium puts the M in modern by incorporating astonishing virtual golf simulators and private bowling lanes into its luxurious “Exotic Spanish Contemporary Living” concept.

  1. President Park

President Park hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 24 is comprised of four high-rise towers and is only a 14 min walk from the Phrom Phong BTS station. The hotel is known for its stylish rooms and suites that are fitted with sitting areas and kitchenettes, flat screen TV’s, and free Wi-Fi. There’s also a fitness center, a playground, a sundeck with city views, and an outdoor pool with 2 kids’ pools.

  1. Regent on Park 1

Regent On The Park I in Sukhumvit Soi  26 is a magnificent high rise condominium consisting of 2 towers. The 1st tower stands at 34 floors with 58 units while the 2nd tower stands at 16 floors with 23 units. The facilities and services provided within the condo include private parking, 24/7 security, swimming pool, exercise and fitness center. The condo is located within a few minutes’ walk from the Phrom Phong BTS station, restaurants, shopping malls, markets and the Benjasiri Park.
Nearby pet specific restaurants and services between Sukhumvit Soi 22-24 include:


  1. Ideo Morph

Ideo Morph condo in Sukhumvit Soi 38 is located within easy reach of the bustling cafes and restaurants of Thong Lor and the splendid nightlife of Ekkamai. The Emporium shopping mall as well as J-Avenue, Villa Market and Tops supermarkets are also close at hand for those every day essentials. The condo itself is situated in a low rise and quite residential area of Sukhumvit and only a few minutes walk from Thong Lor BTS.

  1. Click Condo

Click Condo in Sukhumvit 65 provides tenants low-rise privacy and a feeling of boutique residential living. Located in a quitter Soi in Sukhumvit, only a few minutes by car from the Ekkamai BTS station, the condo is quite peaceful; those who love the exciting lifestyle needn’t fear, because excitement is never too far away in Bangkok. The building and inside space were designed in a way to bring in as much natural light as possible; which helps to tone down the hectic ambience of city life.

Nearby pet specific restaurants and services between Sukhumvit Soi 38-65 include:


Bonus for Dog Owners:

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Written & Edited By: Muksin Straker-Cook & Respected Members of Bangkok Redefined